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Legal Advocacy

Advocates for Catalyst have the honor to support and assist people in getting protection through Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, a helpful tool to assist victims/survivors and law enforcement officials in protecting a persons’ safety.

Catalyst provides weekly temporary restraining order clinics for victims and survivors of domestic violence in Chico, Oroville, and Paradise.

Going to court can be emotionally difficult. Advocates are available to accompany participants who are scheduled to appear in court for their restraining order hearing and/or mediation.

For more detailed information about dates and times for clinics, please contact us at 530-343-7711 (Chico) or 530-532-6427 (Oroville/Paradise).

Restraining Order Process Overview

The basic steps to get a restraining order in Butte County are:

  • Complete the domestic violence restraining order request forms.
  • Turn in the forms to the Family Court Clerk at Chico Courthouse, 1775 Concord Ave.
  • Pick up paper work in Chico 24-48 hours after filing, once the judge has made a decision regarding your request.
  • “Personally Serve” the abusive partner the paperwork through a 3rd party or the Sheriff’s office at least 5 days before your hearing. Sheriff Service is free of charge and requires a physical address of the abusive partner.
  • The server will fill out a DV-200 form. Make a copy for your records and submit it to the clerk’s office as soon as possible. The order is not enforceable until the proof of service has been filed.
  • Attend court on the assigned date. Your abusive partner will likely be there for the hearing. Sometimes it is necessary to have a continuation to allow the other party to respond to your request. In such cases temporary orders will remain in effect. A judge can grant a permanent order for up to 5 years, but 3 years is the standard.

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