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Education and Outreach Services and programs for communities free of violence.

"Peace cannot be achieved through violence; it can only be attained through understanding."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


The most common form of education provided by Catalyst, presentations focus on promoting healthy relationships, preventing abusive relationships, and increasing access to services. They generally include interactive and pre-developed curriculum for specific ages or populations, and they may also include workshops or group discussions if requested.

General presentations address basic questions, such as: What is domestic violence? What is Catalyst? How does someone access Catalyst services? How does someone provide peer support to a friend or family member who experiences abuse in an intimate relationship? These topics can be helpful in college classrooms, and we encourage faculty to contact us.

Catalyst offers an interactive program called Jealousy Ain’t Love that specifically addresses relationships for high-school students. This 2-hour presentation is usually broken into 2 separate class times in order to help students learn to recognize abusive relationship behaviors and how to strive for healthy relationships.

For Kindergarten through 2nd grades, we provide an interactive curriculum based on the book Hands Are Not for Hitting. After reading to the class Catalyst staff leads an art project. We will leave a copy of the book and the art created in the classroom to remind students of positive ways to use their hands.

To request any of these free presentations, please complete the form below or contact Community Education staff at 530-343-7711. We will call you within the next week for more details.

Professional Training

In order to increase community capacity for addressing abusive relationships, Catalyst provides trainings that are tailored to a professional group’s request. Professional trainings provide relevant information, skills and tools to help service providers and community systems enhance service delivery and increase their ability to collaborate with Catalyst and other agencies. These will address more complex topics, such as: safety planning, making referrals to Catalyst services, promoting healthy relationships in your professional and social communities, reducing barriers for seeking and accessing services, and supporting people who participate in Catalyst programs. Our curriculum includes: Mandated Domestic Violence Reporting for Medical Professionals, Providing Services for LGBTQ+ Communities, and Identifying Abuse in Intimate Relationships.

We also educate service providers about development of policy, procedure and program mandates that are sensitive to the needs of individuals who have experienced trauma. We are licensed to provide Continuing Education Units by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

To request a professional training for your staff or colleagues, please complete the form below or contact Community Education staff at 530-343-7711. We will call you within the next week for more details.

Community Events

Catalyst participates in many community events to increase awareness about our programs and the prevalence of abuse within intimate relationships. This often includes tabling at other groups’ events to provide general agency and relationship materials. Common events include Take Back the Night, Chico’s Thursday Night Market, Out of Darkness Walk, the Diversity Fair in Paradise, and the Back-to-School Health & Safety Fair in Oroville. We also reach out to the community through annual recognition of Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (February), Chico Pride (August), and Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October). During each of these important times, we host a variety of events to honor victims, highlight resources, and educate the public about the dynamics of abusive relationships

If you are planning an event that you would like Catalyst to be involved with, please call Community Education staff at 530.343.7711.

LGTBQ+ Outreach

Catalyst is committed to helping LGBTQ+ communities and allies identify abuse in relationships and create healthy relationships through community education and outreach. Ongoing groups with local high school Gay/Straight Alliances address relationship questions, safe spaces at school and ways to develop support systems. Trainings to youth-serving agencies address dynamics of abuse in LGBTQ+ relationships as well as the unique barriers that these communities face when seeking supportive services. Workshops with youth focus on creating healthy relationships with ourselves in order to build healthy relationships with others. Through these workshops, we provide a space for youth to express themselves, their desires and needs in relationships, and the ways they want to interact with romantic partners.

Topics related to LGBTQ+ identities and experiences are incorporated into all of our presentations and professional trainings. If you have any particular requests, please share those when you contact us for your event.

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If you would like to see an example of Catalyst curriculum, please call us at 530-343-7711.

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