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Dear Friend of Catalyst,

At Catalyst we work every day at saving and changing lives.

We are proud of the work that we do at Catalyst Domestic Violence Services. Each year, hundreds of individuals in your community make the difficult decision to leave their homes, contact us and share their story of trauma and abuse with one of our advocates. This is often a first step in a long journey. And for nearly 40 years Catalyst Domestic Violence Services has been here to offer a safe place to receive help.

Demand for our services has grown over the last year. Over 1,400 victims and survivors of domestic violence reached out for 27,339 units of service in our counseling, advocacy and housing programs. Unfortunately, we are on track to set a record for number of support services provided to community members. Catalyst staff recognizes that on-going prevention and education are key to reducing and eventually eradicating domestic violence in our community. Our prevention workshops and presentations reached over 2,300 individuals throughout Butte County on a variety of topics including healthy relationships.

Catalyst is grateful for your and assures you that any gift you give will be recognized and appreciated by our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and the participants we work with.

Anastacia L. Snyder
Executive Director

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