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Volunteer of the Month Lilithanny Camacho Balerio - April 2020

Lilithanny Camacho Balerio
Lilithanny Camacho Balerio Featured Volunteer of the Month: April 2020
Volunteer Start Date: January 2020
Time Served: 72 Hours

Lili is a Chico State student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child Development. She was encouraged to apply for the volunteer program by her college professor Gloria Wetterson. Lili is an amazing volunteer. She most enjoys tabling for community events, she said: “it warms my heart when people come up to me and thank Catalyst for the work they have done for someone they know.”

Fun Facts: In her free time, she most enjoys spending time outside. Lili loves to go hiking with her family and cliff jumping whenever she’s near a waterfall! Her favorite food is Asian food...yum! She doesn’t have a favorite place because she likes to try a new restaurant every time (so adventurous!)

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