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Volunteer of the Month Kassidi Armstrong - September 2020

Kassidi Armstrong
Kassidi Armstrong Featured Volunteer of the Month: September 2020
Volunteer Start Date: January 2020
Time Served: 89 Hours

Kassidi graduated from Chico State in May with her Bachelor’s in Psychology. Now that she is out of school, Kassidi admits to missing it…but only a little! She joined Catalyst as an intern and has appreciated learning how to support people on the 24-hour hotline. She also enjoys interacting with participants at the shelter and, prior to the pandemic, tabling at community events.

Fun Facts: Kassidi’s favorite restaurant is Lucille’s BBQ in Rocklin, CA, yum! In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends and boyfriend. During the summer, her favorite thing to do is float down the river!

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