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Volunteer of the Month Dorian Nunez - October 2020

Dorian Nunez
Dorian Nunez Featured Volunteer of the Month: October 2020
Volunteer Start Date: August 2020
Time Served: 65 Hours

Dorian is a senior at Chico State. He is a psychology major pursuing a minor in criminal justice. He joined Catalyst hoping to make a difference in the community. His favorite part of being a volunteer is interacting with shelter participants. He makes it a priority to connect with everyone he comes across – always checking in and asking folks how their day is going. Dorian is sincere and approachable, we certainly appreciate having him around!

Fun fact: in his free time, he loves to watch and train boxing and jiu jitsu. Dorian is also a self-proclaimed food connoisseur, his favorite foods include Prime Rib, Panang curry, and refried beans with queso and tortillas! Yum!

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