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Volunteer of the Month Cynthia Bonilla - December 2019

Cynthia Bonilla
Cynthia Bonilla Featured Volunteer of the Month: December 2019
Volunteer Start Date: June 2019
Time Served: 130 Hours

Cynthia graduated from Chico State with a Criminal Justice degree and a Paralegal Certificate. She is hoping to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

Cynthia spends most of her time at HAVEN taking crisis calls and supporting participants. She likes to decorate and help clean up around the house to make it feel safe and comfortable to live there.

Fun Facts: Cynthia is OBSESSED with Harry Potter (she’s a Gryffindor) and has a big collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. She loves Chinese food and enjoys CrossFit/weight lifting at a local gym.

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