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Board of Directors

Catalyst is lucky to have a board of directors committed to serving the Butte County community. The purpose of the board is to develop agency policies and procedures, monitor the performance of agency programs, and contribute to the promotion of our mission statement.

Carin Hilgeman

I serve on the Catalyst Board because it’s a great way to pay back all of the support that Catalyst has provided me over many years.

I am a survivor of a domestic violence relationship and Catalyst was a resource that I was able to utilize. I received ongoing support through the shelter and the hotline.  25 years later I am ecstatic that Catalyst is still providing a needed service to our community. I feel grateful to serve on the board and help Catalyst continue in all the amazing support they provide.

Denise Norwood

Kit Roberts

I serve on the board to allow me to be involved and relevant in the continuing battle against Domestic Violence. I believe in the Mission of Catalyst and am devoted to doing my part to help promote safe and healthy relationships for everyone.

Mike Maloney

As a career police officer and a man, I have developed a unique perspective on domestic violence. My participation and service on the Catalyst Board of Directors allows me to share this perspective with those who are equally passionate about this difficult social issue, and to work with them in helping to educate others and serve victims.

Sylvia Duran

For the past 16 years, I have worked in the Juvenile Dependency courts in California. During that time, I assisted in the “Greenbook” project and served as a member of the Statewide Leadership Group on Domestic Violence. Both groups focused on reviewing policy and practices in order to recommend changes that would better serve victims of domestic violence. Both groups consisted of judges, lawyers, and child welfare and domestic service providers. I learned that serving victims of domestic violence is a complex matter. Systemic changes are difficult and take time. I view Catalyst as an organization committed to best practices, committed to improvement, and committed to change in order to better serve this very fragile population. I am honored to serve as a Board Member of such an excellent organization.

Tracy Weeber

I am an RN and work with women and infants. I see the impact of intimate partner violence on a regular basis. When I began to explore volunteer opportunities, Catalyst came up in conversation as a well-run, effective service. After meeting Anastacia, the board members and all the wonderful staff and volunteers, I knew I had found a volunteer home. I passionately believe in the mission and values of the organization. I am grateful to live Chico and am honored to be able to give back to my community.

Valerie Reddemann

I believe creating change that lasts happens through education and empowerment. I've been highly active in the Chico community for over a decade and have seen the results when groups of people come together, collaborate and take action to promote effective positive change. Domestic violence is an area that requires constant education and empowerment to end the abusive cycle. I serve on the board to support the work the incredible staff of Catalyst tirelessly commits to each and every day.

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